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Clan Campbell Society

The Boar's Head at the top of the device below, is the Clan Badge. It is the Crest of the Chief of the Clan Campbell and part of his Coat of Arms. The Boar's Head surrounded by a Buckle signifies a Clan member. Only the Chief may use the Boar's Head standing alone.

The border is the motto Ne Obliviscaris, Forget Not.
The Shield at the bottom of the device is the Arms of the Federation of Clan Campbell Societies, the Australian Society forms part of the Federation of Clan Campbell Societies, a Society Noble in the Noblesse of Scotland. Ours is one of the few Clan Societies to be so recognised by the Lyon Court of Scotland and to have received a grant of arms.

The arms (or shield) which appears below is worn as a badge by Society members. It is described in heraldic terms as Gyronny of Eight, Or and Sable (divided in eight sections of gold and black). On it, the global extent of Clan Campbell Societies, and the links which bind them together are represented by the world surrounded by a chain, both in silver.






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